• Supporting Socio-Economic Development and Growth
  • Socio-Economic Empowerment for Youth and Women.
  • Improving Food Security Level, Developing Small Businesses, And Promoting Exports.
  • Supporting Democracy and Equal Citizenship Values, Strengthening Transparency, and combating Corruption.


A: Consultancy & Researches:

  • Consultancies and Researches in Economic.
  • Consultancies and Researches in Management and Marketing.
  • Consultancies and Researches in Social and Educational Issues.
  • Woman and Merging Gender Studies.
  • Feasibility Studies and Impact Assessment.
  • Consultancies & Researches in Environmental & Agricultural Fields.

B: Implementing Field Surveys and Public Opinion Polls:

C: Statistical and Financial Analysis:

D: Training Programs:

  • Management and Human Resources Development Program
  • Preparing Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Program of Marketing and Selling and Preparing Market Researches.
  • Statistical and Financial Analysis by SPSS-SAS -EXEL
  • Woman Development and Society Participation Field.
  • Irrigation and Agriculture Fields.
  • Other Fields…..

E: Specialized Programs:

  • Program of Awareness and Youth Development
  • Program of Anti- Project Development
  • Program of Prices Analysis and Market Observation
  • Quality and Institutional Building Program
  • Partnership and Society Participation Program
  • Motivation And Merging Gender Program
  • Home Economy and Woman’s Development Program.
  • Transparency Enhancement and Corruption Combat Program.
  • Rural Development and Food Safety Program